April 17th, 2011

Майя Каганская. ברוך דיין האמת

Вчера  в Иерусалиме  умерла Майя Каганская.

Прощание и выезд на Масличную гору- сегодня, 17 апреля, в 17 часов в Бейт–Эспед Шамгар.

Те, кто хочет почтить ее память, приглашаются в ее дом по адресу: Армон Ха–нацив, ул. Меир Накар, д. 43, кв.. 21, в среду и четверг с 16 до 21 часов, а также в пятницу с 9 до 13 часов.



Китниет, мнение Давида Голинскин

В честь приближающегося праздника - краткое изложение респонса р. Давида Голинкина

In light of the ingathering of the exiles, would it be possible to eliminate the Ashkenazic custom of not eating legumes on Pesach?

1) In our opinion it is permitted (and perhaps even obligatory) to eliminate this custom. It is in direct contradiction to an explicit decision in the Babylonian Talmud (Pesachim 114b) and is also in contradiction to the opinion of all the sages of the Mishnah and Talmud except one (R.Yochanan ben Nuri, Pesahim 35a and parallels). It also contradicts the theory and the practice of the Amoraim both in Babylonia and in Israel (Pesahim 114b and other sources), the Geonim (Sheiltot, Halakhot Pesukot, Halakhot Gedolot, etc.) and of most of the early medieval authorities in all countries (altogether more than 50 Rishonim!).

2) This custom is mentioned for the first time in France and Provence in the beginning of the thirteenth century by R. Asher of Lunel, R. Samuel of Falaise, and R. Peretz of Corbeil - from there it spread to various countries and the list of prohibited foods continued to expand. Nevertheless, the reason for the custom was unknown and as a result many sages invented at least eleven different explanations for the custom. As a result, R. Samuel of Falaise, one of the first to mention it, referred to it as a "mistaken custom" and R. Yerucham called it a "foolish custom". Collapse )

4) Undoubtedly, there will be Ashkenazim who will want to stick to the "custom of their ancestors" even though they know that it is permitted to eat legumes on Pesah. To them we recommend that they observe only the original custom of not eating rice and legumes but that they use oil from legumes and all the other foods "forbidden" over the years, such as peas, beans, garlic, mustard, sunflower seeds, peanuts etc. Thus they will be able to eat hundreds of products, which bear the label "Kosher for Pesah for those who eat legumes." This will make their lives easier and will add joy and pleasure to their observance of Pesah.

Пы. Сы. для тех, кому с шашечками: р. Голинкин - консервативный раввин.

Пы. Пы. Сы. Для неленивых и любознательных - полный текст (иврит, PDF, 31 страница)