September 22nd, 2014


Ноахиды и Единство, за единство ноахидов

Сообщество ноахидов в ФБ на русском языке страдает политизацией, им надо срочно выработать устав, запрещающий политические публикации. А пока надо писать о чем-нибудь абстрактном, успокоительном и одновременно увлекательном. Вот я написал здесь о Единстве Бога. Поможем достойным людям!

Навстречу субботнему году

Поскольку грядет очередной субботний год, нижеприведенная цитата, полагаю, может быть интересна многим участникам сообщества.
Для тех, кому с шашечками, автор - консервативный раввин:

Many Rishonim ruled that shmita in their day was still rabbinic, according to Rabbi Judah's opinion in the Talmud. (c) However, many Rishonim maintained that when Rabbi Judah ruled that shmita was rabbinic, he was referring to the Second Temple period and his own time, but today (i.e. in the Middle Ages) shmita is a middat hassidut - an act of piety - and no more. But if so many Rishonim agree with this opinion, why is it that most modern rabbis ruled that shmita in our day is rabbinic? This is because they did not see most of the Rishonim who belonged to the third school of thought! Rabbi Kook and his contemporaries only saw this opinion in the writings of Rabbi Zerah'ia Halevi and the Ra'avad. Since the Ra'avad may have contradicted himself in another place, modern rabbis decided that shmita as an "act of piety" is a da'at yahid, the individual opinion of Rabbi Zerahia Halevi. Indeed, Rabbi Kook and Rabbi Joseph Engel used this individual opinion as a sneef (auxiliary reason) in order to support the heter mechira. TODAY, HOWEVER, we know that Rabbi Zerahia's opinion was never an individual opinion. Rabbi Menahem Kasher has proved that many rabbis in Provence and elsewhere considered shmita in our day an act of piety. In addition to Rabbi Zerahia and the Ra'avad, this opinion is mentioned or supported by R. Yitzhak ben Moshe of Vienna in the name of the Rashbam; R. Yitzhak ben Abba Mari; R. Menahem Hameiri; R. Nissim Gerondi; and the Rashbash in the name of Hukot Hadayanim who quoted Halakhot Gedolot, Rabbi Judah of Barcelona, Ba'al Ha'ittur and Rabbi Judah ben Rabbi Yakar, Nahmanides' teacher. Indeed, the Me'iri testifies that "many of us, many of the Geonim and rabbis who are with us" agree with him that shmita in our day is only an act of piety. The Rashbash also writes that "many important authorities consider that it does not apply today even rabbinically."

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